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The original concept of the city access road revitalizing project brought the idea of dealing with Krásné Březno and Neštěmice in more detail.
Krásné Březno and Neštěmice, which form a very important entrance locality of the city, should wait to see a better appearance in the future, particularly improved quality of the entrepreneurial premises.

Development density – Urban Study

For example, visitors arriving from Děčín or Germany enter the town here, so this is where their first impression is actually made. Industries and businesses have been densely located in these neighbourhoods since the past. Their premises often look far from being representative, which reflects poorly on themselves, the city, and its residents.
The idea of complex revitalization that would improve accessibility to the city and the business environment was born in close cooperation between the city establishment and local entrepreneurs.
The most urgent parts of the neighbourhoods which will need a lot of effort to improve the current condition have been identified as the localities neighbouring Drážďanská Street and the railway line, from the Mariánská Rock up to the Neštěmice railway overpass. The area also involves the River Elbe waterfront, which is not used at all or is used insufficiently or inappropriately. Nevertheless, the River Elbe offers huge, largely underestimated, recreational and commercial potential.  
The city warmly welcomes the initiative of local businessmen and property owners and has decided to offer help in all areas where it is capable of providing technical assistance. The development concept has been prepared together with the Siadesign Company, the urban study of which – architecture "libretto" – brings challenging proposals to changes in the locality. 

Development axis according to the Urban Study

Road network - Urban Study

Specification of structures - Urban Study

Possible development scenario - Urban Study

Development density Krásné Březno, promenade - Urban Study

Development density Krásné Březno, wharf - Urban Study

Development density Neštěmice, areál TONASO - Urban Study

Krásné Březno – To work, live, relax and shop in a different way

At the river side - To work, live, relax and shop in a different way

TONASO - To work in a different way